The Grid failures or Power Cuts are the times when the Power Backup provided by stored Solar energy in the batteries comes to our rescue.

OFF-Grid Solar are customised to suit requirements of every establishment, whether Rural or Urban Households, Shops, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Hotels etc.

OFF-Grid Solar PV System has the capability of functioning independently from the utility grid. A typical OFF-Grid Solar PV system consists of Solar Panels, OFF-Grid Solar Inverter cum Power Conditioning Unit, a Battery Bank, Cables and other accessories necessary for installing the system. In any OFF-Grid System, The Solar Panel Array charges the batteries to the desired level and also powers your home appliances. Such a system is extremely useful in areas with frequent power cuts, erratic power supply and in remote rural areas that are partially or completely disconnected from the grid. The Battery Bank is an integral part of the OFF-Grid Solar PV System, wherein Energy stored in the batteries charged by solar panels can be utilized during power cuts for running essential appliances such as lights, fans, refrigerator etc.

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Benefits of the Off Grid System

Benefits of Off Grid Solar Power System:

1. Avoiding Power Outages:
The off the grid means that there won’t be experiences of any unpredictable power outages. This is because you won’t be tied to the city’s power source, which can experience power interruptions due to rain, storms, or high winds that can damage power lines and equipment.Power outages are troublesome since they impede productivity and make living conditions uncomfortable.

Installing an off-grid solar system on your makes it self-sufficient in terms of energy gathering.Batteries charged with solar energy can allow your to function without having to worry about storms, rains, winds, and heatwaves that can disrupt power by damaging power lines or increasing energy demand.The equipment of an off-grid system is standalone, and all you’ll have to worry about is your power demands to avoid power outages.

2. Reducing Electricity Costs:
Using off-grid renewable energy eliminates your reliance on finite resources like fossil fuels that increase in price as they deplete, while also eliminating the need to pay for electric bills.Although the initial cost for an off-grid solar system is high, the low monthly rates and low maintenance costs make up for it in the long run.

3. Easier Installation:
Since the equipment associated with off-grid solar systems are not dependent on the grid, the installation process is much more straightforward than having to rely on complex infrastructure to function.For instance, the installation of grid-tied systems requires the service of professionals to connect it to the city’s electric grid.

4. Alternative Power Source for Rural Areas:
The inhabitants of rural and remote areas face a significant problem regarding electricity. they have low infrastructure than urbanized places which results in difficulty of connecting to the primary power grid.

Final Word: 

Whether you use off-grid or on-grid solar systems, they will still be more environmentally-friendly than fossil fuel power.Renewable energy lets everyone generate electricity without having to burn fossil fuels, thereby, reducing the carbon footprint produced by using power.

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